June 25, 2022


High Impact Tutoring is one of the most effective ways to increase learning gains for students. High Impact Tutoring has proven to produce large learning gains in short periods of time. As LEAs consider how to best facilitate learning acceleration, many are considering high impact tutoring (HIT), as there is strong evidence that High impact tutoring can increase achievement by an additional 3-15 months of learning across all grade levels. 

Region 2 offers professional development opportunities and support for districts and schools to develop and implement High Impact Tutoring programs.


High Impact Tutoring Toolkit



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High Impact Tutoring Workshop Series

Data indicates that school closure and school year disruptions resulted in unfinished learning for many students in our region and across the state. HB 4545 has challenged us with forming plans to accelerate instruction to increase student learning gains. As we look to the future, it will be important to stand up High Impact Tutoring programs that not only satisfy HB 4545, but ensure that all students, in all grade levels, are prepared for on-grade level learning. Leaders will experience new learning in a design lab setting where they can develop a from-scratch program or revise an existing program. Our program aim is to align best practice and develop a High Impact Tutoring Program.

House Bill 4545 Resources: Quick Look HB4545               HB4545 Overview for Parents

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