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General Tutor Training

June 25, 2022

General Tutor Training

4 - hour general tutor training for tutors and trainers of tutors. Training will incorporate strategies tutors can use to effectively prepare to deliver content fluently and facilitate student learning, including:

  • Relationship-building and small-group management
  • Cultivating growth mindsets
  • Nurturing learning habits
  • Online course

Education Service Center, Region 2 is pleased to serve as Staffing Provider for local education agencies (LEAs) to comply with statutory requirements for supplemental accelerated instruction as outlined in House Bill (HB) 4545. In response, we have created the ESC-2 Tutor Database to match interested tutors with LEAs.

LEAs may use the ESC-2 Tutor Database to connect with tutors to support:

  • House Bill (HB) 4545
  • TCLAS Decision Point 6
  • Local tutor needs
  • Local staffing needs


Directions for LEAs:

Once you have identified the tutor(s) your LEA is interested in, please contact ESC-2 with the specific Tutor ID numbers to initiate the matching process

Interested in becoming an ESC2 paid tutor?




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