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TEA Subsidized Programs

August 07, 2022


BookNook is a synchronous online learning platform designed to enhance K-8 literacy skills through small-group guided reading instruction and high-impact tutoring. Region 2 offers a 2-hour synchronous training session for teachers and tutors utilizing the platform.

BookNook Checklist                  F&P + Lexile                  Professional Development


Math Tutoring with Zearn focuses on how to cultivate strong relationships, learning habits, and mindsets with students while using Zearn as a math curriculum to address instructional gaps students may have. The training is offered as a three-part series, with the first training provided by Region 2 through a 2-hour synchronous professional development.

Zearn Checklist


Amplify is a K-5 adaptive early literacy intervention. Region 2 will provide a synchronous 3-hour Capstone course AFTER tutors complete the 30-hour asynchronous training.

Amplify Checklist

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